The Black Lives Matter movement has been existed since 2013 but the movement returned to national headlines and gained further international attention during the global George Floyd protests in 2020.

According to New York Times, Black Lives Matter might be the largest movement in US history with an estimated 15 million to 26 million people participated in the 2020 protests in the United States.

In this project, I examined people’s awareness or reaction related to Black lives Matter topic and to look closer into the victims in 2020. Moreover, to analyse how incidents influence people’s behaviour when searching articles on Wikipedia.

This piece of work also aims to include gender outside the binary construct. It is as a response to my essay in representing gender minorities in data visualisation. Both black people and trans+non- binary gender have been oppressed and experienced discrimination. Therefore, this work aims to acknowledge their existence and demand an equal justice for them.

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I took the main dataset from the excel file that my lecturer, Jovan Lekovic, gave in one of our MA Data visualisation statistic workshops at the LCC and later I changed the method use and loaded this data into R-studio. Both of these methods allow me to get the information about pageview statistics using Wikimedia API.

Another piece of data that I collected manually was from the website and CBS News to collect all victim’s name. is a website for #Say Their Names movement to give victims justice and recognition. However, they just have around 32 victims’ name in 2020. Therefore, I found other source, CBS News, that has 164 victims name.

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My idea is to create a timeline for this project. Because of my interest in visual metaphor as well as astrology, I thought using an astrology chart could be a good metaphor for the timeline.

Another image that I thought was suitable was
a target board, that can relate to police brutality. However I realised that this is a sensitive subject and I should be careful when representing it.



I acknowledged some limitations during the process which also included the coding process in RStudio.

I hope this piece of work can give people the understanding that the Black Lives Matter movement is not just a trend. I realised by only highlighting the victims mentioned on Wikipedia could make people think that less black people died because of police brutality than actually did. I would love to explore this topic with a different approach in the future.