Babylon Europa is a show in which 17 artists from different European countries perform together on one single stage. The slogan, which says “Only when we stop talking to each other, will we no longer understand each other”, was pretty inspiring in this case: I enjoyed coming up with a concept that presents and promotes diversity in a colourful way. The final design contains a mix of overlapping objects and characters, with a ribbon tying them all together in a dance that celebrates unity in diversity.


This was one of my quickest design projects and the entire process from start to finish was quite fast. I presented the client with two alternative designs, and they had an immediate preference for one of them, so there was no need to do any revisions in the key visuals. Such experiences support my development as a designer: although it’s sometimes luck, this also shows that the length of a design process is based on different aspects and not just on the simplicity or complexity of the project.

Client : buero doering

Art Direction, Illustration

Photo Courtesy: Jim Kroft