The Festival Train is a train that starts from the Berlin Central Station and ends in Hamburg for the Reeperbahn Festival, and is an alternative answer to the traditional Orient Express. It departs with many live acts on board, over 100 corporate representatives from around the world, as well as on-board catering, making it a great networking opportunity while travelling in a stress-free, eco-friendly and fun way.

My first experience with this project was in 2018 — I presented 2 colorful and funky key visuals for consideration, but both were rejected. This made me rethink my creative process: I realised that answering a brief is not always about overloading the final design with each and every idea that fits the concept, but about balancing it out properly.


In short, simplicity is key. So I got back to work and cleaned up the design, without removing the original element of fun. My new search for inspiration led me to the classic design of the original Orient Express train, and I recreated some of these elements with a modern touch inspired by the German regional trains. The result was much better then: I managed to reproduce the lively vibe aboard the Festival Train, combined with the exciting feeling of travelling to a festival with live entertainment all the way from Berlin to Hamburg.

I reworked the same logo and original illustrations for 2019: I gave them a fresher look and used some different colour variations in the final version.

Client : buero doering

Event Identity, Illustration, Logo

Photo Courtesy: Jim Kroft