Infographics Design, Book Layout


BIWOC* stands for Black, Indigenous and Women* of Colour, including all those self-identifying as women*, and is deliberately inclusive of members of non-binary and transgender communities. It is going to be the first intersectional work & social club in Germany.


I feel lucky to have been the one to create the logo and branding for this amazing community. With the original theme of a common space/structure in mind, I brainstormed the concept of buildings and architecture, which led me to the idea of basic shapes. The relevance of basic shapes to this intersectional work and social club comes through the use of the intersection symbol. In the psychology of shapes used in designs, circular shapes are often used to portray a "feminine" essence. The intersection between the circles is a conceptual representation of a safe place — somewhere for its members to turn to — which is BIWOC. This interpretation of the circles is also meant to emphasize that each individual will always be part of the community.

Client : BIWOC* Rising

Branding, Art Direction